Monday, May 2, 2016

A Call to Prayer

It happened every morning at 5:20—ugh!  A loud call-to-prayer from the mosque next to our hotel.  The noise decibels laughed at our earplugs!  We were gone during the three daytime ones, but it greeted us (well, it really annoyed us!) each evening at 8:30, too. At first my roomie Cornelia Benson, our fabulous Occupational Therapist, and I just fussed, then we started to pray for lost souls, but by the third day we were singing Jesus Name Above all Names, I Love You, Lord and Oh, for a Thousand Tongues to Sing ♪♪ at the top of our rough, morning voices.  It’s a wonder our nurse-neighbors, Cheryl Crocker—awesome team leader and Kelsey DeBruyne didn’t hear us!

     Many mornings anyway, due to being 7-hours ahead of NJ-GA times, we were awake at 4:00, texting with our husbands before they went to bed the evening before.  One morning Cornelia couldn't get on Wi-Fi… very strange, as I was on it, and we had both been on it full strength every other day.  Cornelia went to the lobby to try again and found a woman crying and listening to Michael W. Smith’s Crucified (“...He took the fall and thought of me, above all...").  She didn't speak English, but Cornelia hugged her and prayed anyway. Our God uses the craziest...funniest...rats!'inconvenient'...I-can't-text-with-my-hubby...things to allow us to minister and love on people!  Praise His precious and holy name!  Cornelia says she was the one blessed and filled!, and we soon found the song on U-Tube. We wept and rejoiced in our Savior’s love for us, listening to it over and over… and then during those 5:20am ‘interruptions’ each morning thereafter! 

Cornelia in her clinic corner

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