Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dental A-Team - April Kenya

   (Here is another glimpse of our ministry in Kenya last month.  If you'd like my whole PDF newsletter, please comment with your email address.).

It was a huge blessing to have dental professionals with us.  Ed Rankin, DDS from NJ, and Kera Crookston, Texan hygienist, relieved scores of painfully-infected or rotting teeth and worked tirelessly to make sure no one waiting for them was turned away. Mind you... there was no adjustable dental chair, no suction, many steps to running water and sometimes-failing headlamps, but on they served!          

      It broke my heart to see as many as 6 teeth have to come out for many patients, or to know that decay like this young boy’s could be prevented with toothbrushes and good teaching.

    Kaylie Wells, a nanny from SC, quickly learned to be dental assistant, as did translator Phillip, Pastor Daniel’s awesome teenage son—perhaps a future Kenyan dentist, Lord willing?!              

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