Sunday, May 8, 2016

Daughters and 'Grands'...

   Two of my favorite 'mission-fields' are in MS & GA with Karin & Jenny and their families. 

It's a joy to know one's daughters are best friends (!) ...Jenny & I wish Karin lived closer.  But I had sweet i-fone-fellowship with Karin this afternoon after I got home from worship & burgers n' dogs on the grill (thank you, David!) with Jenny & her guys in Suwanee.  
(Ash enjoyed time with his 94-year-old mom and 2 of his 4 kids.)

my 'Tuesday-Granna' boys: Samuel (5) & James (3) :-)

I used to sing this song to my little girls, then to the youngest of theirs... 
that + the initials of 8 'grands' on my-side of our late-in-life-blessing marriage 
are etched & dangling on this sweet bracelet from Karin & Jenny!  
(As if I needed a reason to talk about them - but now, just ask me when you see me wear it!)

Cards & other things (even from Ash's thoughtful 4) to treasure up in my heart.
Samuel & James got the card that plays Superman's theme when you open it - they were beside themselves with excitement!

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