Thursday, May 26, 2016

Advanced Med. Leadership Training ...home and processing it all

     As part of a faculty of 10 last week, I had the privilege of mentoring (and learning from!) 20 participants in MTW's Advanced Medical Leadership Training held in El Salvador. Six of my "besties" from previous teams (Drs Won Kim & Craig Lem; nurses Linda Holt, Mary Fran Morris & Marla Carpenter and phlebotomist Mary Ellen Garofalo) had prayed about leading future teams and came to learn and share.  
     It was a grueling (yes!) but wonderful 8 1/2 days (8am to 9pm), including 2 practicum clinic days (one rural, one urban setting) where we saw ~400 patients, many of whom were street kids or homeless adults.  John Snyder and Mission El Salvador staff are ministering to many of their needs.  Google them and pray for them!
     Not only do we need more trained team leaders to meet the over 50 requests yearly from our missionaries and national pastors & doctors overseas, but many of us in leadership positions are in our 60's now, although I know you can't believe that about me!  So we hope and pray to be passing on many batons to a younger generation of mercy-minded, gospel-proclaiming healthcare workers and non-medical folks.  Please pray God's guidance, equipping and protection for these future leaders of medical-evangelism teams.
     Watch for a newsletter with more glimpses of God;s work and grace after Ash and I return from Yellowstone and Grand Teton Nat'l Parks to celebrate Anniversary #12 (1 year in younger-folks' terms!) next week. :-) 
Precious teammates: faculty and participants both!   We had a free afternoon visiting a dormant volcano.
Pre-med student Trevan Anderson learned to take blood pressures.
Dr Bernard Hildebrand praying with one of our waiting patients.
Dr W Ted Kuhn, MTW Co-medical Director, boss, mentor AND friend.

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