Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Life is a vapor...

As I'm into the last 3+ weeks of preparing to serve in Mexico again, my heart is heavy for the many needs there, both physical and spiritual.  As always, I'm a bit overwhelmed & humbled by both my calling & the tasks at hand, plus those duties coming while in-country. But it rejoices & rests in the One Who calls us.  He is faithful; He will do it!  1 Thess..5:23-34

Come quickly, Lord Jesus!
And while You tarry, keep us free
from the sin of this world.
Oh, make our little lives count
for the glory of your name
and for the fame of Your Father.
Rivet our attention on Your cross,
and fuse our affections to Yourself.
Waken our compassion for all who suffer,
especially those who are rushing toward
everlasting misery because of unbelief.
So open our mouths and open our hands
and open our wallets while we have breath,
and make us the most radically loving people
on earth, for the joy of all peoples
and the renown of Your name.

John Piper, from Life as a Vapor

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