Sunday, October 9, 2016

Jesus changing hearts... only answer to hate.

     I've not processed all that God was doing through (and in!) our team of 18 in the Dominican Republic, coming alongside an even greater number of precious nationals, but one thing i know... my heart is burdened for the hatred in the world... words of prejudice coming even from young mouths... you know they've had to hear them in their homes or schools!  My teammate Elizabeth Sablon, born in Columbia but now an American citizen, shared this story with us in team prayer-time one evening... please grieve and intercede with me as you read it.  And watch for my newsletter, About the Father's Business in the Dominican Republic, in another week by email.  

                        "We'd met as a team to discuss our need for a 'Release of Rights', based on Philippians 2, when our mission began, but I did not know I would have to give up this particular one as I am not a medical provider.   Instead, I gave up the right to sleep peacefully through the night because there were 8 other women in my dorm-room! 

"On September 28 we were in Batey Bienvenido, one of the many poor communities served by The Luke Society and local pastors.  I was getting another patient for rheumatologist Dr Beverly Byrd, for whom I interpreted, when I saw a 10 year old boy holding a New Testament inside a Ziploc®.  

"Drawn to him I said, 'You know you are supposed to read that book.  Don’t just keep it and not read it!' Later when we were preparing to leave, I saw him again, still holding his Bible.  Franklin, a Luke Society leader, and Spanish-Creole interpreter Angie were talking to him.  I joined in the conversation.  

"This young boy expressed much hatred towards Haitians.  Franklin, Angie and I quickly and lovingly told him we were all created by a God who loved us all equally.  I also shared the words of our Creole patient Petite who had felt the rejection of others, 'We all have the same red blood under our different colors of skin.  In the eyes of the Lord, we are the same.'

"After we sang The Doxology and prayed as a team to thank God for the day, I saw this young boy a final time and felt compelled by the Spirit to say, 'You know, the Lord has chosen you to do something special.' He looked at me and left.  I realized then that I was giving up the right to see results… and trusting God for unseen fruit in His timing.

"Medical mission trips not only bring healing to the suffering body, but also to the suffering souls of patients, within and without the body of Christ.  As missionaries we sow seeds and may never get to watch them sprout. However, I rest in Isaiah 55:11 '…so is my word that goes out from my mouth; it will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it'."

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